Why a Marketing Manager Should Be a Good Mentor

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A good marketing manager can manage the team, have a good communication skill, reach most of the target, increase the numbers, maintain the brand equity and keep the marketing team performance on top. But a great manager will have an additional feature: they must be a great mentor. Why?


To increase team morale and performance

A marketing manager who closes with their team will understand to keep the performance on top, the leader should have the capacity to maintain the team morale.

Transfer some skills set, sharing ideas, give support and don’t forget to celebrate their accomplishment. By doing all of these, you’re not only credible as a manager but also as a mentor in the marketing field.

Their success will become your success

A great leader must know if the greater goal cannot be achieved by a single person, you can’t be a manager if you’re a single fighter. Train your team, give your perspective about the goal and if the team can reach that goal it’s mean they succeed, so do you. If they are more successful in the future, then you’re a great mentor.


“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”
Good to Great, Jim Collins


Spark the light!

If you ever ask why most people from the marketing division is the most relaxed, calm and cheerful. It’s because every great marketer and advertiser knows if emotion are contagious. This is why the marketing team leader should know how to keep a good vibe that can stimulate creativity. And you also know if people cannot see clearly in the dark, so spark the light by providing support and enlightenment guidance to the team.

It’s a responsibility

It can be part of a job. In my case, it’s in black and white, and I love it.
Sharing perspective, I give what I have and they share what they know. This will help to complete the puzzle that we face on the market every day and grow our knowledge in the marketing field.


That’s the reason why a manager should have the capability to do coaching and mentoring. A great manager must be a great mentor at the same time. It’s a life cycle, a mentor gets mentored by mentors to mentoring future leader.


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