Perspective, An Introduction Post

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perspective (THOUGHT)
noun. UK: /pəˈspek.tɪv/ US:​ /pɚˈspek.tɪv/
C1 [ C ] a particular way of considering something:
C2 to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way.
C2 to compare something to other things so that it can be accurately and fairly judged.



Hello! I’m Gedy Mahardika, nice to see you here and this is an introduction for ‘Perspective’ section. In this section, I will post something that popped up in my head, do some research about it, and wrote in the first-person point of view.


The Reason

I want to do something to distract me from unproductive activity after work and on the weekend, and it should be something that I could do to challenge myself. The fact that I like to think and read, a lot, makes me want to write about it. Not only that, but I also want to use this web for my experimental project related to marketing.

‘Perspective’ section is a blog, but in my opinion ‘blog’ is too plain and overused, that’s why I decide to pick ‘perspective’ as a name for the blog section. And you will not find the same posts in Bahasa and English because, sometimes, I do not translate the post that I wrote in English to Bahasa and vice versa. And the reason for that is because this section is created for my personal pleasure.


Why don’t just post on social media?

Why I don’t just write a post on social media, it’s because I have a website! I can post in here and share it through my social media account. It will be more fun, I think, Don’t you? Plus on the web, I can sort every post that I wrote in certain categories.


What it’s all about

In this section, you will find about random topics from marketing, the industrial revolution, social media things, trending topics, economics, philosophy, personal growth, leadership, my lovely interns and the list goes on. Don’t expect me to write like motivator because I’m an old-school guy and a little bit conservative.

If the post is inspired by a book, article, Youtube channel, or if the topic requires citations and/or scientific evidence, I will put references and sources at the bottom of each post or in the paragraph line.



If you find something bad or if your intellectual property is cited in the wrong way, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email. But if you find something good, you can save it, for yourself, don’t share it, I’m okay, no problem.


That’s all, I hope I can share an objective point of view from here.



Gedy Mahardika


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