SEO Strategy That Works Really Well in 2019

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a website in order to make it appears higher on the search engine results. The easy term is how to make every search engine loves to put your website on the first page in certain keywords. No matter it is Google, Bing, Yandex or Duckduckgo. This SEO strategy will help to improve your site position ranking on all search engine.


1. Webmaster Tools

First, you need to register your website to a search engine by using webmaster tool. If you don’t know how to find it, I have it on the list of webmaster tools. Webmaster tool is like a gate for your website to enter the search engine.

Register yourself and submit your site URL on webmaster tools. Then they will give you the ticket calls “API code”, you must put this code on your root directory. Then search engine will have permission to crawl your site. You can put disallow or noindex to tell crawler not to put some contents or pages on the search result.

This is how you get your website pages indexed by a search engine.


2. Optimizing Performance

I am pretty sure it has a correlation with Bounce Rate. People don’t like a page that takes a long time to load.

Imagine if visitors get a blank or half loaded page more than 4-5 seconds. They will leave without continuing to discover any other pages on your site.

Search engine was designed to know how long it takes to load your website on a desktop and mobile browser. So to get more love from the search engine you need to get more love from people, and the bounce rate is one indicator of how people like to go to your site, a smaller percentage of bounce rate is better.

By optimizing your website performance, it’s mean a shorter load time and a good responsive design, will give your website a chance to get more love from people and a better position search engine.


  • 1-2 seconds fully loaded is great
  • 3-4 seconds fully loaded is okay
  • 5-8 seconds fully loaded, you need to improve something.
  • 9-15 seconds fully loaded, where you must to do something, now!


You can minify or simplify your scripts, optimizing first paint content, compress and resizing images and attach videos content outside the root server. These will help your site to load faster.

If your website slower due to high traffic, more than your server CPU can handle, then increase the site performance by upgrading your web server, you can find the list of web server here.

Remember faster load + responsive design = more love from search engine.


3. Optimizing Keywords

Optimizing keywords is important for increasing your search engine ranking position (SERP). Every time people looking for something on search engine, they will type keywords and crawler will look for the indexed site that contains the most relevant keywords and put it in the best position.

I’m talking about H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, p and pre. Every word that you put between that HTML tag needs to be clear for human and crawler. This is where you can get a unique standpoint and distinguish your position from others. By picking the words that’s tailored specifically and sound to be you, only you, your business, your services, your products, and you.

It’s good to spend a little time doing research on this. By doing keywords research you can acquire a new knowledge that will help you to avoid picking a cheesy line, in everything, trust me.

If you stuck on finding the right keywords, you can use keywords planner tools, I have the list of keywords planner on this page.  And the easiest way to do this is by hiring a professional or an agency.


4. Optimizing Content

Make every content relevant to your web purpose. Remember, content is not always an article, blog post or photos. If you’re running an e-commerce website, your product list and service page is your content. Your content is the representation of the purpose of the website and it must be relevant in any way.

Make it informative, useful and easy to access.

Use Open Graph Meta Tag to make a web page “rich” object crawled properly by the social network.

If you decide to use ‘blogging’ as your content marketing strategy you can pick 1-2-3 topics that related to your site purpose. I find myself start blogging after reading ‘THE MARKETER’S POCKET GUIDE TO WRITING WELL’ from Hubspot, but after a few articles, I began to enjoy the process. It’s fun because I wrote the topic that I like to discover, you should try it too.


5. Optimizing Security

Website is like a home, a house, an office. Like every physical site, it should be secure from a thread. If physical security is visible, site security is not-visible and done by encryption. The indicator of your website security that matters for search engine ranking is not containing malware, trojan, clickbait, or any kind of harmful scripts and virus. These harmful things can be injected by an attacker to your site using XSS, SQL Injection, etc.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and firewall can help you to make your website more secure, you can find the list of SLL and web firewall on this link.

For YMYL website, especially “Your Money” category (finance, banking, investing or e-commerce) with transaction on-site or storing sensitive information on-site. It’s better to hire professional web security or an agency to covers the cyber-security.

If you are interested with cyber-security, I found a site where you can learn how cyber-attack works, the site is Hacks Plaining and they make cyber-security easy-to-learn. So for a non-programmer who willing to understand what and how cyber attack works, it’s good to check their site.

The idea for optimizing security is: More secure the site = people feel secure to access = more love from search engine.


Start Your Search Engine Optimization Project

I’ll tell you something, this website is rebuilt in May 2019, and fully functioning in June 2019. I just simply follow Google webmaster guidelines and do the list above, and it starts acquiring traffic that I believe it’s good and high-quality traffic that I wanted.

If I can do it, so can you. Hope you can work on it and wish you luck.


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