It’s better to have a ‘bad plan’ with a good team

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Yes, and why? I’ve been executing some of the Business Owner, CEO and General Manager’s plan and some turns to success and some others not like as expected, and the team is the successor of plan execution. Here my reasons:

1. A good team can adjust the plan while a bad team can ruin a good plan before it starts.

There’s always a chance for a good team to report the situation and asking permission to do an adjustment in the process to make a project more visible to reach the goal. If they just keep quiet when the storm comes, it can give an impact to the entire organization.


2. The good team provides support, the bad team will busy find the way for blaming each other.

The sensation of blaming others for a bad situation is unbearable. I know, you know, even everyone knows, we see it every day on social media and it is like ‘embedded’ in our DNA as humans. This is where the leader gets challenged if the leader has the capability to be strong enough to be rational in a bad situation, instead of agreeing with the ‘who’ they will ask ‘why’ and the next is ‘how to fix it’. I believe it’s better for maintaining team morale for the long run.


3. A good team will survive in a bad situation, a bad team will go with the wind.

After initiating the internal war, the bad team with a good plan will turn their project into chaos and leave the trash for their boss. A good team will remark the moment when it goes into the wrong direction and do their best to bring the whole team into a new chapter.


4. In the end, each member of a good team will learn something and the bad team will repeat the same pattern.

The good team will learn from a mistake and bad team, learn to find a better excuse.


In the end, not a single person on earth intentionally make a bad plan. Most of the time it turns bad on execution due to uncertainty, that’s why risk management is important. Risk is about uncertainty. If you want to reach the goal, put a framework around that uncertainty to de-risk your action.

Notes: Even life itself has a risk.



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