How Marketer Build Trust in The Digital Era

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It’s essential for a human in society to have a reputation as a trustworthy person. It is a foundation for everything we do. Do I have issues with trust? I would say yes and no.


“We can’t judge trust, but we can judge trustworthiness”
– Onora O’Neill, Philosopher


In my early career, I had a real-life experience facing a General Manager for an interview with a doubt straight on his face even before I take a sit. And now I tried not to do the same when selecting interns candidate for my marketing team, I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to show their best. But trust not only in a personal and professional manner, almost everything attached to intangible things we call trust. Are these pieces of information reliable? Can we succeed with this plan? Is it safe to use the XYZ product? Or just simply can I trust myself to be trusted by others. So I go to my TED account and looking for good ideas about this. And I found two TED talk who assembly ‘trust’ into smaller detail.


The Components to Build Trust

 Based on Frances Frei TED talks

Authenticity: I could not more agree with this, your uniqueness will distinguish you from others. It’s similar to differential advantages in business strategy or USP (Unique Selling Point) in marketing.

Logic: The quality of logic and the ability to communicate it can be an indicator for a person to be trusted. It can be in a specific area or general point of view.

Empathy: There’s always a time and a place for showing empathy we have to others, just remember we’re human, not a robot.


How to Build Trustworthiness


I saw there is no shortcut or a hack to build trustworthiness in a business or professional career. It’s not impossible but it will be a long road that we should take in a lifetime.

For a digital marketer, it’s important to build trustworthiness with a digital presence, you can choose any digital platform to defined your authenticity. Communicate your value to the world with the right messages. And treat people like people, show that you’re human with empathy.


The Issues for Marketer

A survey of Honesty/Ethics in Professions in America by Gallup 2018 [3] has shown that telemarketers, advertising practitioners, and business executives have average to low ratings in honesty and ethical. and the most trusted is nurses, medical doctors, and pharmacists.



So why this happened? And my opinion is (1) It’s because many scams have built on the term of business and marketing, and one of the most popular is the get-rich-quick scheme. (2) Some companies use excessive marketing persuasion tactics to get more sales. (3) Some marketers are just too genius, they make people buy their product impulsively.


The Marketing Genius: Pet Rock made in 1975 by Gary Dahl, Estimated $15 million in profit.



Either person, organization, company, marketer, product, or services have a tight bound to the level of trust. In the digital era, your social media post, star ratings on Google Business, recommendations, your tweets, your thoughts, your plan, and all digital presence are mattered. This is why I always give my personal recommendation on LinkedIn to every good intern in my team since they are under my supervision so I know what they do the best.

If I trust them, it is my obligation to make people know why I trust them and why they need to trust them too.




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