Google Wants to Reveal The Truth About SEO in 2019?

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I just watched 3 episodes of SEO Mythbusting by Google Webmasters on Youtube. The trailer was published on May 2, 2019, but I don’t know how many episodes they make. One thing for sure, it’s worth to watch all the series.


But why it’s important for Digital Marketing?

If you are a Webmaster (a person who managed a website). Probably you know if Google tells you many times to follow Webmaster Guidelines to make your website visible on the Search Engine. But Google does not provide clear information about how to be on the first page. This is why so many people telling A-B-C how to make your website to be number one on the search engine.

But now, Google Webmasters team create a video series titled SEO Mythbusting hosted by Martin Splitt (WebMaster Trends Analyst, Google). And I am pretty sure you will know where it goes just by watching their first episode.


200’s Google Signals Confirmed

It’s a hot topic, on the first episode Martin Splitt confirmed that “We have over 200 signals” (3:00) and he also revealed three tips to get the signals.


Three things you should consider to be discoverable

#1 Relevant Content

You can distinguish yourself from other competitors and pop up on Google Search first page just by putting relevant content on your website. It sounds easy right? Then try it now and checked by yourself it is truth or myth.


#2 Descriptive Titles and Helpful Snippets

It’s a little bit technical because it serves the bot and user at the same time. Your page or post should have a descriptive title, if I can be more specific, a descriptive H1 and relevant meta description. So Googlebot will know what if you’re content about, deliver it to user and user can determine if it’s relevant or not to their needs. Make sense right?


#3 Optimize for Performance

This one also technical, but it’s easy to judge. Do you want to wait more than 5 seconds for a website page? So start optimizing your website performance, to check web page speed performance you can use freemium tools like Pingdom Tools or Google PageSpeed Insight. But if you want to get more detailed information about what things you need to optimize on your website, you can check your website with Google Lighthouse or runs website waterfall test with WebPageTest.


And that’s all, oh for 200 Google signals maybe you want to check the 200 Google’s ranking factors by Brian Dean.



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