Don’t Ever Think to Become a Marketer, If!

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Have you ever think to become a marketer? are you a marketer? We all know marketing as a career, especially digital marketing that increases popularity since the internet has become a common commodity. And there seems no entry barrier to enter this field. But, are you really fit into it? Are you really match with the requirement? Are you enjoy every single day doing it? Are you grow with it? If you still don’t know the answer, here my perspective of why you shouldn’t even think to become a marketer.

You prefer a static job

The marketing world is really dynamic, and if you prefer a static job it’s better to take an administration, accounting or finance, that’s more stable and firm. They all have rules, standard, regulation and not changing seasonally. We in the marketing field will always get a new update almost every month, that’s the best! Not only that, the fact that marketing jobs have the highest turnover rate will make it more thrilling.

“The role of marketing specialist has one of the highest turnover rates for specific marketing roles at 19.8%.” Allison Ritcey, Toronto Marketing Recruiter.

Marketers have a responsibility to make everything they touch grow, and we live in a dynamic world because the level of human satisfaction will never be static. The demands for this job will never touch 0, but the challenge for this responsibility will always require dynamic thinking due to the uncertainty of market conditions.

Are you still interested to be a marketer if


You don’t like to take initiative

There are people who prefer to keep everything preserved. Every meeting we attend will never be fun without the presence of small and big data followed up with a proposal contained a fresh idea. When the finance department defending their budget efficiency, we always seeking the opportunity to move the position on the market, by proposing a new idea with the new budget including the forecast.

Marketer not only think outside the box, but we’re also thinking about the box, what inside, how the outside and why it’s box. We are constantly learning new things every day. If you want to become a marketer but you don’t like to take initiative, you can change your mind now.

And the next thing is


You’re not a creative person

Marketers communicate the value to the target segmentation in the market, so we need teams, tools and content to make it happen. We must have a solid team, we need to know the function of each tool and we must have a great great great content idea to execute. That’s why we have to be creative.

“Being fast and being out there, at the front of things, really makes a difference. And then, you also have to have these divergent thinking capabilities. And that’s part of your trait structure. And creative people are really different than non-creative people.” Psychology Professor, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.


In marketing, creativity is important for answering multidimensional questions that exist in all things. Let’s say you have a client who wants to create an ad campaign for jewelry boutiques, then who is the target segmentation? What are their preferences like? What kind of content that fits the brand and their target segmentation? What is the lifestyle of their customers? And the list goes on.

That’s why we need to have a certain level of creativity to be successful in marketing. Always remember, Always remember, this is not just science, this is art.

And the last but not the least


You don’t really like technology

Do you know what is AI? Do you know what is Python? Even we’re not programmers or software engineer, but as a marketer, we have the urge to know the information about it. Because those things, sooner or later, will change the world. If the world changes, we also change.

Have you ever thought that we rethink our strategies every time there’s an update in communication technology? We’re central communication in the business organization, that’s the reason why we work side by side with programmers who speak in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript or Python. We follow the market and we realize the market is currently driven by technological advancements, and we must know these things to stay in the game.

I consider marketing as a career, like doctors who cure every patient. We as marketers will always try to make everything we touch grow in a healthy way.


So, do you still want to be a marketer?



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