Impulse Buyer vs Informed Buyer

Impulsive Buyers vs Informed Buyers Illustration

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Every marketer know if marketing action needs to touch irrational part of human, feeling and emotion. Impulsive buying behavior is one of the famous consumer behavior concept with 61,100 results on Google Scholar.



What is Impulsive Buying Behavior?

According to Business Dictionary, impulsive buying behavior in an unplanned decision to buy, made just before a purchase.


Characteristics of impulsive buying behavior:

1. Unplanned,

2. The result of an exposure to a stimulus,

3. Decided “on-the-spot”.


Simulation of an offline impulsive buying behavior

If you asking what is impulsive buying/purchasing, this is the simulation: Let say in a bright sunny day, you must go to grocery store to buy monthly supply. And you have a tight budget list to buy. When you entering the grocery store, right in the center of spotlight, you see sparkling soda on a hype offers, buy 2 liters get 1 liter free. In the list you don’t see sparkling soda, but the offers will ended tomorrow. So you decide to take the deal, buy 4 liters and take home 6 liters.
That’s the simple case of impulsive buying or unplanned purchasing.



Impulsive buying behavior online

There is so many tactics to trigger impulsive buying behavior, from packaging, product placement, advertisement, wording, et cetera.

In digital marketing; website, app, social media and online advertising is the best playground available for digital marketer to get I-want-to-buy-it-now moment online.

When you found words like; free shipping, discount, limited offer, buy one get one. In user experience you might found: easy payment method, intuitiveness and push notification. In online advertising you can search for micro-moments.

You need to be wise

Yes, you need to be wise and really-know-what-you’re-doing when using this concept to craft your marketing tactics. You should mind your brand image when forecasting the potential gain/loss in sales revenue when decide to aim customers unplanned purchasing decision.

Some people might not realize, or maybe they’re realize, when they abusively using tactics to trigger impulsive buying behavior. While the fact ‘too much’ in any kind of form, will lead to unwanted result. While experienced marketer really know when and how to put this concept in their marketing mix.


The best move

As a marketer, we need to understand that human are rational, but have limitation when making rational decision. This is why our best move is to providing information for the customers before making purchase. Customers with informed purchasing decision will have a bigger chance to achieve satisfaction level. And there is not a secret anymore if one satisfaction will lead to another satisfaction.




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