How to be Genuinely Great at Marketing?

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Is it possible?

Yes, or maybe yes.

The fact that there’s no ridged rules of success in marketing make it more exciting to decoding the traits of a great marketer. You can be advance in marketing because it’s all about competition.

So here’s 5 traits of the top notch marketers.


Act with Integrity

Marketing has been known as important function in every business organizations. Integrity is the main part of be genuinely great marketer.

One simple trait of integrity is honesty, you might not agree with me but the bitter truth is far better than sweet lies. Once integrity becomes part of your life, you and your team can survive hundreds of times from the market madness.

You can start by asking yourself: Why you become marketer? How you and your team can bring up the numbers? What are your strengths & weakness? How about the opportunity and thread? What you must achieve in the next Q1? Q2? This year? The next 5 years? And what you need to do now?

And the next trait is,


Focus on goals

Marketing is connected with almost all departments in a business organization. Your marketing perspective matters since you’re the person who live in the market. You may see market trends up and down many times, this is the reason why you have to focus on goals.

You cannot control the market, but you can control your reaction toward market conditions. Focus on your goals is the key to staying on the right track.

Be creative

Creativity play major role in marketing, and creativity in marketing businesses is not only about creating fancy eye catching visual content. If you can identify the market gap, solving the market pain riddle, successfully seize bigger slice of the pie, bring up that numbers through innovative action, all of those are also counted as creative. The most important is how your creativity in line with productivity.


“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

Earl Nightingdale


Be long-life learner

It’s not secret anymore if a top notch marketer = lifelong learner. It’s due to marketing fast changing phase. First, we as humans have needs and desires that continue to evolve with the times. Second, communication technology change, faster than ever. Adaptability and flexibility are the characters for a marketer to grow and ready to face the challenging externality.

Be long-life learner, read more and stay updated.


Keep the mind open but be cautious at the same time

When your mind is open, make sure your eyes are open too. Just because you have an open mind, doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everything.

Marketing is the land for highly competitive people. You and your team should know what to do and not to do. When and where to do it. What is good and what is bad. In openness you still need to be guarded at the same time. Marketing action can affect the entire organization.

Great marketer always make a plan to success but prepared when unwanted things happen.

In marketing field you could face an unexpected situation in the very bad way, so you and your team must be conscious with every marketing maneuver. Planning and research is the key to de-risk marketing actions.



This world has offered many opportunities for you to grow, and as a marketer we have the choice to become truly great or become a snake oil seller.

The choice is yours.


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