The Art & Science of Digital Marketing

So digital marketer is a scientist with the ability to gather and analyze data from various sources then turn it into actionable insights. With 5 years of experiences, applying marketing principles in several industries, Gedy has known to have a standard in tracking & measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies. He knows how to build fully functional marketing funnels, advertising campaigns and search engine marketing.

On the artistic side of marketing, Gedy has skills in photography, video editing, graphic design, and basic HTML & CSS. He realizes that some marketing action needs creative content, and by having these skills he knows how to create and control the quality of visual content. And what you see right now, this website is the implementation of his basic knowledge in HTML & CSS.


Modern Marketing Strategy

As a strategist, it’s important to understand the concept and implementation of modern marketing strategy. Gedy found a way to mix and match the marketing models with digital marketing platforms. He believes this is the most visible way to get the maximum result from limited marketing resources in every marketing action.


The Game Changer

Gedy currently works as a digital marketing manager for Bali Home Immo Property.