4 Reasons to Hire and Not to Hire SEO Specialist or Agency

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The competition on search engines is real, it is one of the most valuable traffic sources for many website owners. Rank higher on a search engine not only mean that your website is popular on search engines, but your business reputation is more legitimate and trusted among search engine users. And the best professional who knows how the search engine works is called SEO Specialist. Professional SEO expert will always update their knowledge related to search engine optimization, especially the algorithms of search engine.

And if you still asking ‘do I need to hire an SEO specialist?’ I will give you 4 reasons to hire and 4 reasons not to hire an SEO Specialist or agency:


Hire: Before starting to build your website.

It’s crucial for a new website to get a high ranking position on a search engine. If your site is built by a digital marketing agency, ask them to give you a reference for SEO Specialist. Because hiring a good SEO specialist can save you hundreds of time. It’s more effective and time-efficient to hire the best one before you create a website. Since SEO is not only “keywords” but many components that determine the success rate of a search engine optimization. Hiring an SEO specialist right before starts building a website will give you a chance to get higher rankings faster in search engines.


Don’t: If you only have social media channels.

Today everyone can sell almost anything on social media like Facebook & Instagram. It is a cost-efficient way to promote products or services. If you only using social media channels to promote your product and service and it’s running well, you don’t need to hire an SEO specialist.


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Hire: When your website traffic & conversion has stagnated.

If you’re facing a block while other firms in the same industry tend to grow bigger, and you don’t what kind of things that hold your website traffic to grow and you got a tiny conversion rate from your website? Yes, like 100% sure you need to hire the SEO specialist.


Don’t: If stagnation is caused by the declining market.

Many times firms were struggling due to the declining market. The declining market is the condition where annual industry revenues are steadily declining because of the saturation of the market, the decrease in the market size, or the due to the introduction of a product or a technology that serves as a replacement. SEO Specialist cannot help you to get out of this situation, and the best solution for this issue is to get in touch with a business consultant.


Hire: If your competition is high on the search engines.

Any firm that promoting their products and services through their own website will always have competition on the search engines. High competition on search engines means there are many sellers and many buyers for the products or services that offered.

An SEO Specialist should know what kind of game their client deal with in order to give the right advice to win the competition on search engines. If this is the case, you need to find an SEO specialist who has experience in managing SEO in an industry that is in line with your business.


Don’t: If you have in-house digital marketing team.

Before you hire an SEO specialist or an agency, you need to ask your in-house digital marketing first. They should know the best answer for ‘what we need to do’ to increase the digital marketing performance since they’re in-house. They should know every corner of the market and what kind of gap that they have and how to fill it.

Hire: If you don’t have time to do it.

You may spend some money, but it’s worth every penny. It’s called efficiency. You can spend your time to grow your business and let the SEO Specialist do the job for you. But remember, always ask for the report and feedback regarding the progress of search engine optimization of your site.


Don’t: If you want to learn about SEO.

Learning SEO and Do It Yourself can be a smart idea for small business owner. If you just started your online business, you might want to know many things about online marketing and SEO. The best thing to do is to find courses and read articles about SEO to enrich your knowledge in this field. You can find the list of online digital marketing courses, forums & research here.


There are so many SEO specialists and digital marketing agencies who offer SEO service in Indonesia, especially in Bali and Jakarta. And it’s not so hard to find the best one that matched your needs.

Do you need to hire an SEO specialist or not? the choice is yours.


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