Early life

Gedy was born in Denpasar, Bali in 1993. When he was 3 years old, his parents decided to move to Tangerang so that his youthhood were spent in that city. They were not rich, but he never felt poor because his parents made a lot of sacrifices. His first introduction to a computer was at 11 years old, a PC tower with a CRT monitor, which was given by his aunt. This is the early stage, he introduced by his friendly tech-savvy neighbor to the iconic Windows 98, the stack of floppy disk, Microsoft Paint, and the excitement of 5 kilobytes internet speed flowing from the telephone cable.

On his teenagerhood, internet cafe’s, Friendster and Adobe Photoshop portable was hyped. So after school activity, he spends on the internet cafe because WiFi is not a common commodity at that time and to get the ‘acceptable internet speed’ internet cafe is the best solutions. Beside doing geeky things, his teenage years also filled with extracurricular activities on Theater Club, English Club and play with school band as a guitarist.


College life

After graduating from high school, his interest in computer and graphic design was a bit constrained. Born to a father who is a Bachelor of Law and mothers who has a Diploma in Economics, Gedy was directed include those two majors in the selection of university entrance. Reconciled with both, Gedy who was accepted as a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University in 2011 take majoring in business management as a way to reconcile with his parent’s request. Luckily in the process of determining major’s concentration in the 4th semester, he realized there were points of correlation in marketing, technology, and art. And on his head, if all those things mixed together, that will be an epic hybrid skill combination. So he decides to take a concentration study in marketing while continue pursuing his passion for technology and art outside the class.


Gedy with Prof. Dr. Ni Wyn. Sri Suprapti, SE, MSi. 2011.

In university, he is guided, taught, and mentored by Prof. Dr. Ni Wayan Sri Suprapti, S.E., M.Si. who at that time served as Chair of Department Management FEB UNUD. This process occurs formally by teaching and learning activities in several courses, besides that Prof. Suprapti is also his Academic Advisor and Undergraduate Thesis Advisor. Prof. Suprapti who taught Gedy the concept of marketing with analytical and empiricism which is the basis of Gedy’s understanding in the science of marketing.

Student organizations

BEM PM Udayana University 2012-2013

In his college days, Gedy was active in faculty and university student organizations. At the faculty level, it is often trusted to take part in the Publication and Documentation division as a graphic designer or photographer. While at the University level organization, he joined as a Young Member of Student Executive Board, Udayana University for the period 2011-2012 and continue as Functionary in Ministry of Communication and Information, Student Executive Board of Udayana University for the period 2012-2013.


Start his first job before graduating

Logo was designed by Gedy Mahardika for PT Suara Bali Media in February 2015.

Gedy starts his first job before graduating by joining PT Suara Bali Media in October 2014. Suara Bali is an online media startup that was ranked as the top 5 online media in Bali based on Alexa’s rating at that time and participated in the initiation process of the Bali Online Media Association (AMO BALI) together with Metro Bali and several others local online media.

At this time, he learns more about WordPress, Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads, Hootsuite & Alexa.


Enter the world of professional photography

In December 2016, Gedy met Wildan Firdaus, a professional wedding photographer, who became his mentor in photography. Gedy learns the technical and aesthetic side of photography by practicing on the field with him. 6 months later, Wildan and Trituska Pangka initiated Luxious Photography, where he was in the middle to take care of videography & digital marketing.

At this time, learns more about professional DSLR operations, editing with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro.


Balinese Dance, GWK, 2017.

In June 2017 Gedy was accepted to work as the leader of Kencana Photo Studio in Garuda Wisnu Kencana, one of the most iconic Bali’s tourist destination managed by PT Garuda Adhimatra Indonesia. He runs a studio photo with a team of 3 people, 2 dressers and 1 photographer. His main job is to deal with clients and do the photo shoot. Because of its location in the famous tourist destination, the clients who come are from various countries around the world. This is where he sharpened his English conversation skills, closing the deal with clients and learn the characteristics of people from various cultural backgrounds.

At this time, Gedy and his team managed to increase the amount of studio photo revenue around 200% in low season and 300% in the high season compared to the previous year.


Return to the world of marketing with new skills

Team Bali Home Immo Property, 2018.

He felt it was time to go back to being a marketer, in April 2018 Gedy was accepted to work as a webmaster at Bali Home Immo Property. In the first 3 months, he was adapting to a new environment and continuing the webmaster’s task job, while at the same time looking for all possibilities to improve marketing performance. In the third month, Gedy convinced the CEO to advertise on Google and Facebook. His submission was accepted and he was asked to look for an advertising service vendor, but Gedy assured to entrust the advertising campaign to be managed internally and directly by himself. Gedy also transferred his photography knowledge to every listing agents to improve the quality and aesthetics of BHI real estate photos.

He also got a renewal contract and promoted as digital marketing manager in 2019.


Managing the interns

Lea (left) & Ines (right), BHI Interns January - May 2019.

In Bali Home Immo Property, Gedy runs marketing division with a small team of 2 interns. There’s a challenge having them in marketing team since they are in the stage of seeking experience.

So as a supervisor, Gedy is very instructive to maintain the quality and performance of BHI marketing. But his mind always opens for every improvement idea in marketing from fellow interns.



He believes at a young age he can continue to expand his expertise, grow connections, and be a better person day by day. One of his missions is to become a credible, innovative and reliable professional business marketer. Being able to see situations from several points of view is a gift, and being part of developing a business organization is a responsibility. In his free time, Gedy likes to travel, read books and articles, or playing his favorite guitar.